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Our free, no-obligation lighting audit includes…

  • Complete lighting survey of your building

  • Proposed photometric lighting layouts

  • Proposed fixture list & specs

  • Energy saving report

  • ROI calculation

  • Information about available financial incentive

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The Soloman Group provides the most innovative and progressive Lighting solutions for all your lighting Retrofit requirements. We can replace most lamps and light fixtures with innovative LED Lighting solutions, thereby reflecting a smarter Energy choice.


Customers that have utilised our services, have reduced their energy consumption by 50 to 82% without compromising functionality and safety concerns that are held by all. No matter the type of business you own, we acknowledge as well as guarantee your satisfaction on every project.


We are involved from pre-project start to post-project finish, with you being included in every step, ensuring the completion of the project is to your liking. All products comply with the appropriate Canadian certifications and are Energy Star / DLC (Design Lights Consortium) approved, backed by a 5-year limited warranty.


If you are a warehouse owner or shopkeeper, high quality LED lighting, can make all the difference to your business. It can create an appealing restaurant atmosphere or improve the overall customer experience. It can also ensure manufacturing details are adhered to and that order accuracy is maintained.

LED Lighting can provide significant savings towards a business’s overall electricity costs and reduce expenses in other energy rich ways, primarily with HVAC, making it a valuable and environmentally friendly solution.

There are a variety of uses and applications that fit your business’ needs, CONTACT US TODAY!



that your business’s Exterior Lighting consumes a significant portion of your overall energy usage?  In this age of sustainability, high quality LED Lighting can save you up to 80%!

Outdoor business spaces carry huge amounts of lighting. Some of the highest wattages in lighting are used for exterior light applications because their purpose is to illuminate areas that are in complete darkness.

Known for their long-life span of 50,000 hours, (5) times longer than any other bulbs, LED Lighting reduces maintenance costs, lasting 10-12 years.


A Soloman Group Energy audit is to guide you towards the most environmentally friendly, energy and cost-efficient solution that we can possibly provide for your property. We direct you to areas that will have the greatest impact on lowering your utility bills, while maintaining quality and functionality of your current lighting system.

Where Rebates are concerned, we’ve got you covered. Soloman Group submit all documents for pre- and post-approvals with Provincial Rebate programs, all the while ensuring the project meets all specified standards and prompt payment of your rebate.

Started When?


…. young, Yes, we are

a young company….

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and counting

These are just our more comprehensive projects, but we have worked on various smaller projects in various capacities.



Niche, small to medium

sized projects, that is the

‘Sweet spot’, where we

MAXIMIZE the rebate!



There are literally 1000’s of lighting products available to YOU, at our disposal.

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